Emmerdale spoilers: Mack Boyd offers Aaron Dingle a job as they grow closer after flirtation

MACK Boyd offers Aaron Dingle a job in the new year as a romance blossoms between the pair. 

Viewers will see Mack start to flirt with Aaron over the festive period after he saves him and Charity from a disastrous robbery. 

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Aaron will come to the rescue when Mack and Charity’s crime spree doesn’t exactly go as planned and the pair find themselves being attacked by the driver of the van they’re trying to rob.

But Aaron saves the day when the driver lunges at Mack with a bat, leading Mack to flirt with him as they unload the boxes from the van.

Mack then tells Aaron he has a proposition for him – to pass some stolen motors through his scrapyard in exchange for a reward. 

Will Aaron take Mack up on his offer?

We’re guessing Mack manages to pull Aaron’s leg as scenes set to air in the new year will see Mack offer Aaron a permanent job. 

Will Aaron agree to be Mack’s sidekick?

And will a romance develop between the pair?

Mack’s job offer isn’t the only surprise in store for Aaron in the new year as Liv is set to be diagnosed with epilepsy.

Viewers will see Aaron beside himself at the news and unhappy when Liv reveals she’s organised a kayaking trip for him and Ben. 

While he’s out, Liv suffers a horrifying seizure and is taken to hospital by Paul and Vinny. 

At the hospital, Aaron is furious when Vinny tells him seeing Liv isn’t a good idea. 

Aaron then clashes with protective Paul when he orders Vinny to move out of Mill Cottage. 

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