Emmerdale’s Cathy Hope in sinister ‘stalker’ twist as fans rumble Samson revenge

Emmerdale’s Cathy Hope could be set to turn into a fully fledged stalker, as fans think they have worked out an incredibly sinister twist.

This week, viewers saw Cathy ‘dumped’ by Samson Dingle – who wasn’t totally aware their relationship had progressed properly.

It led to Bob storming round to the Dingles’ house to fume at Sam and his son, who told Cathy: “I’ll tell you straight, I am not interested! Not then, not now and not ever. Okay?

“You’re embarrassing me and you’re embarrassing yourself.”

It comes after Noah Dingle said similar to Amelia, who had been secretly crushing on him for months and slyly encouraged to go for it by Cathy.

Samson later apologised to the teen, as he explained: “I'm sorry that I don't feel the same way. I mean, I do like you, but… I'm really sorry about the way I spoke to you. I'm sorry.”

But that might not be enough for Cathy, as fans are sure she could exact her revenge in a sinister way after being revealed as April’s vile troll.

If she can even post sick memes of April’s dead mum Donna, what wouldn’t she stop at?

One fan theorised on Twitter: “Cathy will soon be stalking Samson # Emmerdale.”

As someone else fumed: “Cathy Hope must be the friend from hell. A delusional, selfish bully whose only goal is to cause trouble for everyone she knows.”

And a third fan pointed out: “Cathy's clearly absolutely learned nothing after all the hatred she threw at poor April. Stop lying for goodness sake!”

“Cathy really hasn’t learnt from what she did to April has she,” another added with a facepalm emoji.

Meanwhile, other fans are speculating that Samson could actually have a crush on his pal Amelia, while others are guessing he could end up with Jacob after the pair had a heart-to-heart.

Jacob encouraged Samson to apologise for the way he spoke to Cathy after refusing to sell him alcohol to help him through his problems.

Meanwhile, he has been growing closer to Amelia and even doing her make-up – so it would make sense for them to solidify it into a romance.

One fan suggested: “Hope Samson gets with Amelia!”

Another agreed: “Samson is a shy gentle soul, he would be really kind to Amelia, they would be like a latter day Andy & Katie, without all the affairs of course.”

While another speculated: “Am I right in guessing that the Samson storyline is that he'll be gay? And maybe like Jacob?”

“Me thinking that Samson has a crush on Jacob perhaps?” someone else wondered.

As a fourth said: “I have a feeling Samson has more chance of liking Jacob than Cathy.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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