Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley desperate for Cain and Moira to get back together after bitter split – The Sun

EMMERDALE's Jeff Hordley really wants his character Cain Dingle to re-unite with wife Moira Barton.

The village's resident badboy suffered a bitter breakup with the love of his life, after she had an affair with Nate Robinson, who turned out to be Cain's long-lost son.

Cain was heartbroken by the betrayal of both Moira and Nate, and has still yet to completely forgive either of them.

The mechanic served Moira with divorce papers and while he is now more civil with Nate than he was before, he is still very cold towards his son.

Soap land usually dictates that the soap's former power couple must at least become friends again to add an element of 'will they or won't they get back together?'

Jeff himself wants Cain and Moira to get back together, telling Digital Spy: "I'd love them to be back together as I Iove working with Natalie (J Robb).

"We have a shorthand on set with each other, so it makes working with her really easy. It would be nice for them to back together."


He added: "It’s similar to the Cain and Charity and Debbie thing – they're always going to be bound by their child and they have to get on in some shape of form.

"They have to move forward as any parent does when a relationship breaks down and there's children involved. That's where we will see how they cope with life apart but having to be tied by and sharing the childcare."

As for farmer Nate, his relationship with Cain still icy, but he did earn some of his dad's respect when he opted not to report him to the police after Cain accidentally shot him.

"That will now move them forward," Jeff commented.

"You will see more of a thaw with the pair of those. The interesting thing is Moira, Nate, Cain — how will they exist in a village together?"

Meanwhile, Cain has bigger fish to fry as he along with Will Taylor and Billy Fletcher, have been forced into working for corrupt police officer DI Malone.

Jeff is enjoying having a new sparring partner as things continue to heat up between the two on screen.

“He’s finally met his match! It’s great to have somebody to bounce off, because Cain has not been in situations like this for a while.

Jeff added: "We’ve been filming in some great locations, and there’s been a lot of Mexican stand-offs – a lot of me and Mark [Womack, who plays DI Malone] getting one up on each other, and it’s really fun!"

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