Emotional Emmerdale fans shed tears of joy as Sarah Sugden has change of heart over lifesaving surgery

The heart wrenching scenes unfolded as both Debbie and grandmother Faith Dingle raced to convince Sarah to undergo a lifesaving heart transplant.

Earlier in the week, fans of the long-running ITV soap had been reduced to tears after Sarah decided to refuse treatment.

But following the words of both Debbie and Faith, Sarah finally agreed to fight for her life.

Initially, Faith took Sarah out of hospital and took her to a pub to try to convince her to live.

Sarah’s great-grandmother urged her to go under the knife, and said she would accept surgery if she was in a life threatening condition herself.

And turning attention to the future, Faith urged Sarah not to give up on the life she could have.

“Have you ever even been on a date? Been kissed? Have your heart broken?” the raven haired character asked.

“You've just not lived yet. And if you do, you'll be scarred. But we're all scarred. Look at me and Diane? Hasn't stopped me having loads of blokes,” she added.

Sarah then fired back: “There's more to life than copping off with men.”

And this prompted Faith to then urge: “Prove it! Show me I am wrong.”

After tracking Faith and Sarah down, Debbie (who was outraged that her grandmother had taken her daughter out of hospital) begged the youth to promise not to run away again.

As Debbie broke down in tears, Sarah begged her to stop crying, but Debbie wailed: “I'll always cry if you're not here.”

As the thought of the surgery hung over their heads, Sarah admitted she was terrified to go under the knife – but Debbie argued: “You are brave and you are brilliant and I am here.”

The emotional conversation convinced Sarah to change her mind as she tearfully agreed: “I love you. I'll do it.”

Fans watching at home were as tearful as the characters on screen.

“Crying my eyes out at emmerdale oh my GOD,” one viewer commented on Twitter.

“I love Debbie and Sarah. They are amazing on screen together. Got a wee tear in my eye,” typed another.

While a further fan insisted: “I ain’t crying you are.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV tomorrow at 7pm.

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