Empire star Jussie Smollett says season 5 will have storyline "never been done on television before"

The season 4 finale of Empire was dramatic enough for Jussie Smollett’s character, but somehow, things are set to get even more wild for Jamal Lyon when the hip-hop drama returns.

Jussie, who plays the son of Cookie and Lucious Lyon, spoke to Entertainment Weekly ahead of Empire‘s fifth season, promising a “groundbreaking” new storyline for the Lyon family.

The actor reflected on the show’s first season and how it “broke new ground”, insisting that Empire‘s upcoming run has managed to recreate that magic.

“I think that [in] this season we found a way to break new ground and do something that has never been done on television before, and kind of speak about and to the people that I represent and that I care about so deeply,” he hinted.

Although Jussie has given us little to no detail about what Empire‘s unprecedented direction means for Jamal, he did reveal that it will involve “his love and life and just his life in general”.

(It’s vague, but we’ll take it.)

“Pay attention to Jamal’s storyline this year, man, it’s going to be groundbreaking,” he reiterated. “You ain’t gonna see anything like it. I will say this, it’s never been done on television.

“You’ve never seen two black men in this way,” Jussie elaborated.

Fortunately for fans, we won’t have too long to wait until we can test Jussie’s bold claim, as Empire will be back in business from September 26.

Empire will return to Fox in the US very soon. In the UK, Empire will air on 5STAR.

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