Explosive Bodyguard finale in store as shocking outcome is ‘revealed’

BBC’s latest drama-thriller Bodyguard has left viewers on tenterhooks each week with explosions, startling revelations and shocking cliffhangers.

With the final episode just days away, everyone is still guessing about who is to blame for Julia Montague’s death. Is it the MI5 Chief? The aide? The MET chief? Or David Budd himself?

Well, Phoenix the psychic cat has now made his own prediction as to the outcome of the series. Though, it has to be said, he isn’t always too accurate (he predicted a 1-1 draw in the England World Cup semi-final , and we all know how that turned out…).

Appearing on Lorraine today via videolink, Phoenix was asked to predict whether David Budd killed Julia.

Julia’s own bodyguard, played by Richard Madden, has placed himself firmly in the frame after a number of dubious actions. From being clearly resentful over her pro-Iraq war stance to being friends with her attempted murderer.

Phoenix was faced with two bowls – one with a devil and another with an angel.

Asked whether Budd was good or bad, Phoenix immediately went over to the bowl with angel wings

Lorraine Kelly gasped: "He’s good! There’s no hesitation."

She added: "I just think Phoenix the cat might have got it right, I just feel it.

"But I don’t know – I don’t know anything!"

This comes after a preview of Sunday’s finale dropped massive bombshell about who the murderer could be.

In the video shown at the end of Newsnight, the police started looking at a new line of inquiry.

There was a bombshell that seemed to implicate Anne Sampson in the murder of Julia Montague.

The Head of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, who reported directly to the Home Secretary, looked very flustered as new information came to light.

So is she to blame? We’ll have to wait and see on Sunday…

*The final episode of Bodyguard airs at 9pm on Sunday on BBC One

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