Fast & Furious 9 Super Bowl Trailer Reveals More Han Footage

When it rains, it furiously pours. Hot on the heels of the first trailer for F9, a new 30-second spot for the film has arrived. While it’s mostly made up of footage we’ve already seen, there is a new look at returning character Han (Sung Kang), in his car–where he belongs.

In case you somehow missed the news when the trailer arrived Friday, the first trailer for F9, the ninth installment in The Fast Saga, revealed that not only is Han still alive, but he’s part of the action. Reacting to the trailer release at the Fast and Furious 9 concert, Kang said, “It’s good to be home.”

How is he home, you might be wondering? It’s a great question, but one we’re going to have to wait a while to get an answer to. Of course, that didn’t stop GameSpot from coming up with 14 different ways his miraculous resurrection could be explained.

Of course, the return of Han isn’t all that F9 has going for it. The movie is also introducing Jakob, a character played by John Cena who happens to also be Dom’s (Vin Diesel) long-lost little brother we’ve never heard about before now. How convenient! Get ready for Diesel and Cena to stare at each other angrily for many scenes, in addition to the inevitable scene where they play chicken with their cars.

F9 races into theaters on May 22.

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