Fears for Iain as he starts in ambulance control & 6 other Casualty spoilers

1. Before the beginning titles roll the ‘previously’ section reminds us of Iain’s suicide attempt, how he was discovered by Ruby (Maddy Hill) and how Gem (Rebecca Ryan) vowed to look after him afterwards. But then we see a hooded figure climbing over the railings of a very high bridge. Could Iain be in a desperate way again?

2. We see Iain working on ambulance control. The first call he takes is to a policewoman who has found two unconscious men in a warehouse. Iain talks her through what to do as she waits for the paramedics, but he’s clearly frustrated at not being out doing the job he loves. As events at the warehouse change by the minute, has Iain forgotten a vital piece of information?

3. Far from being a restful desk job, working on ambulance control looks to be every bit as stressful as being a paramedic as the calls come thick and fast. Can Iain cope with the stress?

4. At home, Gem is doing her best to look after her brother, but he’s finding her a bit smothering. Can Gem afford to relax her watchfulness a bit, or is Iain still too vulnerable?

5. Iain is finally seeing a counsellor, Claire. She insists that his problems go further back than the deaths of Mia and Sam and he’s going to have to dig deep into his past if he wants to make a breakthrough – but Iain isn’t sure he’s ready to face that.

6. A woman goes into labour by the side of a motorway. Iain is talking her and her friend through what to do, but there’s an unexpected twist.

7. The various emotions of the day’s cases make Iain start to realise that he’s starting to have feelings he hasn’t experienced in a long time and Claire thinks he’s making progress. But then a final call hits sickeningly close to home and Iain has to open up in a way that he hasn’t dared to in a long time. Will he cope or buckle under the pressure?

Sue Haasler is the author of the official Holby City book, which you can read about here. Her latest novel, Half A World Away, is out now.

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