First look inside I'm A Celebrity's haunted Gwrych Castle as The Sun goes behind the scenes in Wales

THIS is the gloomy, damp ruin this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestants will call home for the next three weeks.

The 12 campmates – including Sir Mo Farah, Beverley Callard and Vernon Kay – will eat, sleep, wash and compete in Gwrych Castle. 

ITV bosses took the drastic decision to swap the usual jungle in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, for the 19th century building, in North Wales, because of Covid-19.

Their time will be spent between four main areas – the washroom, boiler room, and living and sleeping quarters.

The living area has a giant fire pit in the middle of it, where they will try to stay warm and also cook meals if they manage to get stars in the show’s trials.

It features logs around the fire to sit on, as well as a giant wooden door where Ant and Dec will appear to announce who is taking part in trials, or going home. 

The giant doors lead to a long, intimidating staircase into the depths of the castle – including the dungeon and the crypt – where some of this year’s top secret trials will be held.

By the fire, there is also the familiar red telephone box, just like in Australia, where the celebs will receive calls to take part in what was the Dingo Dollar Challenge hosted by Kiosk Kev.

As we revealed earlier this week, it will now be called the Castle Coin Challenge – fronted by his “long lost Welsh cousin” Kiosk Cledwyn. 

His premises will be called Ye Olde Shoppe – or Yr Hen Sip in Welsh – rather than the Outback Shack. 

In the sleeping quarters, they will swap their luxury beds at home for either a rickety iron framed bed, or a hammock, surrounded by crumbling brickwork, cobwebs and dirt.

Both the living and sleeping areas are protected by a newly-built roof, to keep the harsh Welsh winter away from the stars. 

But to spend a penny they must brave the outdoor conditions, with the castle privy replacing the jungle dunny – a long drop toilet over a barrel which they will have to regularly change as part of their chores.  

Up a flight of stairs from where they will get their beauty sleep is the washroom – where their modesty will be covered by a privacy shower curtain for the first time.

The shower, which replaces the jungle waterfall known for its iconic bikini shots, is powered by a pump meaning everyone will have to wash in pairs.

The washroom, built in one of the many crumbling ruined parts of the historic building, also has a small wash basin that also requires a campmate to pump to get running water.

The show’s producer Tom Gould told The Sun: “There is a bit of a privacy screen, more than you’d get in the jungle.

“Showering is a two man job in the castle. You need a campmate to pump the shower. And you need another one keeping the boiler going or it’ll be very swift.

“As long as they keep the boiler going they’ll have a steady stream of water. They’ll have a basin too to wash their faces. And you need a mate to help with that too.”

To get running water, campmates must collect logs, use a splitter to break them up, fire up a boiler and make sure it constantly has pressure.

Tom added: “It’s very arduous. They’ll have to split the logs for both the campfire and also the boiler.

“The boiler has to be kept fed with logs, they then have to pump to prime the boiler to get it up to the right pressure – to get lukewarm water.

"They have to do that in order to get any sort of warm water. They’ll have to pump for about half an hour to get it up.

"This will be a major part of their chores to keep this running. And if they don’t, they’ll have no warm water.”

The outside area also features a well where they can access drinking water, and space to exercise – something which will be music to the ears of athletes Sir Mo Farah and Hollie Arnold.

"It also leads to the Telegraph, where they can speak to camera and talk to producers.

There is also a raised lookout area, where campmates can go if they need some time to cool off after a row, or for some peace and quiet.

Tom added: “The team have done the most incredible job. They've managed, I hope, to sort of retain what makes I’m A Celebrity, and given it the imprint of the castle on top of that, so it feels distinctive and new.

"It’s been a chance to reimagine and reinvent the show. We’ve got all the things you know and love and give it a new home. 

“It’s been a real labour of love for the whole team. It’s basically been from a standing start. It’s going to be amazing.

“It’s what we love about the show. It feels like the outside is encroaching in and nature is taking over this place. That feels like I’m A Celebrity. 

“I think we looked at about 20. I think it had the potential. They’re camping in the ruins in the castle, and this is the one that lent itself to that the most."

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