Furious viewers switch off over ‘awkward’ GMB chat with face transplant girl

Katie Stubblefield was still just a teenager when she took a gun to her head and shot herself in the face.

Distraught after a breakup, the then 18 year old from Cleveland, Ohio, wanted to take her own life, but the bullet missed her brain and instead left her face horrendously disfigured.

And she appeared alongside her parents Rob and Alicia on today’s Good Morning Britain to tell her story.

However, viewers were left distressed when it emerged that Katie is still learning to talk, with some switching off because they couldn’t understand her.

"Very sad interview as we had no idea what she was saying," said a second.

"Inspiring and very moving. That said, I think this could have been much better handled if the interview wasn’t done live, it was difficult to understand and I’m genuinely interested in what Katie had to say," wrote one.

"Jeremy Kyle kept butting in when Katie was trying her best to explain her brave journey. Had to turn it off, I was so eager to hear her story too. Poor girl," echoed yet another watcher.

Last year Katie was thrown a life-line, with the grandmother of a deceased drug addict donating the woman’s face for a transplant.

It took 11 surgeons 31 hours to attach the face to Katie, 21.

And despite the trauma she has endured, her parents Rob and Alicia said they’re just happy she’s alive.

"It was definitely something that blew us off the map, we have clung to one another," Alicia said.

"We know that Katie had an impulsive moment and it changed her life, it changes all our lives. Neurologically she’s still all there and we’re just so grateful she’s alive."

"It’s been a challenge, we’re very thankful that as we encounter each of the challenges we’ve been able to face it," dad Rob added.

And he described what it was like to meet the grandmother of the donor.

"That was quite an encounter, she’s just a saint, a beautiful person who felt like, why not a face? People donate other organs. It was a wonderful, wonderful opportunity to meet her."

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