Game of Thrones fans baffled by Drogon revenge ‘plot hole’ in wake of Daenerys Targaryen’s death – The Sun

DAENERYS Targaryen’s murder at the hands of Jon Snow shook fans to the core in the final season of Game of Thrones.

The dragon queen’s reign was no doubt the shortest in Westeros’ history as her love interest drove a dagger through her heart just days after her fiery siege on King’s Landing.

After the assassination, her last remaining dragon, who has just felled the capital, melted the Iron Throne with his fiery breath before scooping up her corpse with his claws and flying into the distance.

However, one look at social media proves that many fans weren’t convinced that the behaviour of the last remaining dragon was remotely authentic.

Some pointed out that given Drogon’s power, it seems unlikely that he would let Jon got away with assassinating the mother of dragons.

“In hindsight, it seems pretty…weird to think that just killing Daenerys would end the potential threat that Drogon still poses,” Reddit user saminstark wrote.

“Drogon can burn cities to ash, with or without Dany’s help – there’s no reason to think otherwise,” they went on.

“There was literally nothing and no one stopping Drogon from torching every other city in Westeros or outside – the scorpions were all gone, and there’s no reason to assume other cities can just make their own in time before they get wrecked.”

While the dragons previously let Jon ride on their backs, no doubt thanks to his Targaryen bloodline, it does seem strange that he’d face no repercussions from the winged beasts.

“Secondly, I still find it weird that Drogon just let Jon go instead of incinerating him on the spot. We know from the Dance of Dragons and other historical events that dragons are perfectly capable of killing Targaryens,” they continued.

“Even if Drogon intended to screw off back to Essos instead of just burning random cities down in purposeless rage, there was no reason for him to not kill Jon when he had no problem killing complete innocents who at least didn’t harm Daenerys at all.”

The post was soon flooded with upvotes and messages of agreement with other fans of the show.

Meanwhile, some critics of the theory claimed that perhaps Drogon sensed Jon had done the right thing and had had his fill of bloodshed after laying waste to the civilians of King's Landing.

We never had Drogon down as a pacifist, but who knows?

The furore comes after fans previously questioned how Jon was convicted of Daenerys’ murder when Drogon flew off with the only piece of evidence – her body.

Meanwhile a book of artwork from the production team revealed how Jon’s final scene with the Unsullied ahead of murdering Daenerys was cut from the show.

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