Game Of Thrones fans think a surprising knight will kill a dragon in series 8

At the time, fans (and Bronn’s postman) weren’t happy with him for such an act of violence but now we’re all hoping he could do the same to Viserion, the dragon the Night King turned into a wight at the end of the last season.

Multiple scenes in the last few episodes have bigged up Bronn for his incredible accuracy with his fancy crossbow (it must have improved since he missed Drogon the first time) and in the premiere of season 8 we heard the knight bragging about having shot a dragon to a bunch of naked ladies.

But is this a little too obvious?

Some fans aren’t convinced that Bronn has the skill to kill a living dragon – Drogon was merely injured and Dany went on to win the battle – let alone an undead one. The most popular candidate seems to be Arya and the dragonglass weapon she has asked Gendry to make her.

With the highest kill count of any character, it makes sense that Arya would bring down a dragon (Picture: HBO)

‘She’s an assassin, she has to kill something,’ predicted on Arya fan, while another joked: ‘She won’t even need dragonglass or Valyrian steel. She will fence it to death with Needle, then take its face and shapeshift into a dragon.’

Another option is that one or both of Viserion’s siblings will take him on, though we can’t see this ending very well for anyone.

There’s no way to know how the Ice Dragon will die, or even if it will, but we’re very much enjoying the speculation.

Our favourite has to be this rather unlikely but brilliant suggestion from Reddit commenter MyrddraalWithGlasses: ‘The Night’s King [sic] will fly up to Brienne and tell her that no man can kill his dragon. She takes off her helmet and says he is not a man and hacks off the dragon’s head.

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