'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Kim & Drew Worry, Ryan's On The Loose, & It's Good News For Lucas & Brad

The weekly ‘General Hospital’ spoilers suggest that things will be intense throughout Port Charles with big developments on the way.

General Hospital spoilers signal that this will be a juicy week of episodes and fans are ready after waiting nearly a week for new shows. The last new episode contained several wild cliffhangers and on September 4, the action will pick up right where it left off last Tuesday. What can everybody expect?

She Knows Soaps shares that Kim will be panicked as she learns about Oscar’s medical crisis and she’ll feel helpless as she watches her son struggle. Viewers watched as he seemingly had a seizure while at Sonny’s house and Jason rushed to help him. The weekly preview shared via Twitter shows that Kim will be emotional as she tells Drew that Oscar isn’t and won’t be okay, and Drew asks her what’s wrong with their son.

Fans may have thought that this would be a relatively simple medical situation, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll be something mysterious and difficult to manage that is causing Oscar’s issues. In addition, there apparently is a secret of some sort that Kim will have to reveal as this plays out.

As Oscar is rushed to the hospital, Josslyn will be trying to prepare an anniversary surprise for him with Cameron on hand to help. However, Josslyn will fret when Oscar doesn’t show up and it sounds as if Cam will take advantage of this opportunity. As the week continues, Joss will catch up to the news and rush to Oscar’s side, leaving Cameron feeling disappointed.

Lucas and Brad were with Alexis and prepared for the custody hearing with the baby’s birth mother, but they were stunned when she didn’t arrive. General Hospital spoilers hint that Diane will reveal that the mother changed her mind and that the judge will grant permanent custody of the baby to Lucas and Brad. However, fans know that this situation is still complicated.

Alexis is said to be outraged during Tuesday’s show and it may be that she learns of Julian’s interference. It is certainly thanks to his intervention that the birth mother has backed away from disrupting the adoption placement and Alexis won’t be pleased to know that he meddled.

This week brings action with Nina and Valentin, and General Hospital spoilers note that Nina will come up with a wild idea of sorts. Monica will be popping up in some way, filled with the best of intentions, and Drew will be sharing close moments with both Elizabeth and Margaux.

Viewers finally have learned that Ryan was the patient at Ferncliff, and Kevin has been Kevin all along. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that things are about to change and this will wreak havoc throughout Port Charles. How ugly will things get with Ryan before he can be recaptured?

The week of September 4 also has Jordan doing something unexpected, details Soap Central, and there’s some good stuff with Chase on the way while Ava tries to moderate her expectations over something ahead. Additional General Hospital spoilers will come out as the week progresses and fans are anxious to see where things head next.

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