Gok Wan suffers blunder just seconds into This Morning presenting debut

Gok Wan didn’t get off to the best start on This Morning today after forgetting co-host Rylan Clark Neal’s name… well, kind of.

Rylan opened the show by telling viewers: "Welcome to your midweek edition with the one and only Gok Wan."

While Gok added: "And the one and only Ryan Clark-Neal."

"Who?!" Rylan exclaimed as Gok said: "What did I say, did I call you Ryan already? It’s Ryan from the telly could you believe it?!"

Rylan sighed: "They said Gok really wants to do the show with you, I’d love to do the show with Gok, 10 seconds in…"

While Gok joked: "They were lying to you. They were lying I never wanted to. I thought Holly was going to be here!"

Yet, despite the initial blip, the pair proved to be a hit with fans as they filled in for Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford today.

Viewers praised their effortless banter and great presenting style – despite some of the bizarre debates airing on the show.

But Rylan couldn’t help but rib Gok when he began to "flirt" with viewers calling into the show, suggesting he was using This Morning like a dating app.

This came after ‘Adrian’ called in to ask whether he should wear a kilt for his wedding day, despite being a big man.

Gok suggested that he definitely should but ended the call by quipping: "Congratulations and, by the way, I love a man in a kilt."

Raising his eyebrows, Rylan asked the caller: "Is your fiancée watching today?"

Gok interjected and suggested: "Why don’t I use the show to get a boyfriend?"

Rylan sighed, shaking his head: "It’s literally like Tinder on telly for you! It really is, it’s just like wiping through them phone calls for you isn’t it?"

But viewers weren’t entirely happy about the show today after blasting a "ridiculous" debate over the gender of gingerbread.

Rylan and Gok were joined by Chloe O’Herlihy and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer after Pret A Manger introduced a gingerbread woman to go along with their gingerbread man.

Both the gingerbread man and woman will be introduced as gingerbread biscuits, and the guests debated whether it was "PC gone mad".

While journalist Julia suggested that it had: "If you’ve got time to get bothered by a gingerbread biscuit or what a gingerbread biscuit is wearing, your life must be incredibly sad and empty."

But Chloe suggested that it was a step in the right direction: "I think society is changing, gender is changing with it. So I just think, if we can be inclusive to everyone, and not just binary genders, then it’s just more inclusive to society in general."

Yet viewers could not get over the fact that they were debating over a biscuit’s gender.

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Flocking to Twitter, one wrote: "it’s a biscuit!! people get offended so easily these days."

While another commented: "Are we really having a convo about gender neutral gingerbread men??? This country right now… #ThisMorning."

A third remarked: "Seriously a gingerbread gender debate, some people have sad life’s #ThisMorning."

Another suggested: "It’s a biscuit!!! Surely there are more important issues to discuss. #ThisMorning."

One joked: "Has anyone actually asked the gingerbread man how he feels about this? Maybe he’s perfectly happy as a man and doesn’t want anyone assuming otherwise. Perhaps we should clarify things with the muffin man too?"

*This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30pm on ITV

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