Grange Hill stars call for more relatable kids' shows as they reunite for series' 40th birthday

The stars of legendary children’s drama Grange Hill have reunited once more, and they have an important message to share about the state of kids’ TV today.

Alison Bettles, Todd Carty, Erkan Mustafa and Linda Magistris – aka Fay, Tucker, Roland and Susi – appeared on today’s (September 21) Loose Women to celebrate Grange Hill‘s 40th birthday and its lasting legacy.

Panellist Kaye Adams praised the BBC series for its approach to hard-hitting issues such as drug use and teen pregnancy, adding that kids don’t really have “a home-grown programme that they can refer to” in the same way.

Erkan, whose character Roland was often bullied in the show, agreed, revealing that teenagers and young adults still approach the cast as fans of the show.

“The storylines then can still resonate today,” he said, “and you’re right, there’s nothing that these children [today] can watch to relate to.”

Former EastEnders star Tom Carty also reflected on Grange Hill‘s groundbreaking portrayal of schoolkids, arguing that it was the first time children were portrayed realistically.

“It was the first time we heard children speak like they really spoke in school,” he said.

We don’t know about you, but seeing as there’s a notable gap in the market, we’re more than happy to go back to school for a Grange Hill reboot…

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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