Greenleaf season 6 Netflix release date: Will there be another series of Greenleaf?

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Greenleaf focuses on the lives of the Greenleaf family who are key members of their Memphis megachurch. So when Lady Mae (played by Lynn Whitfield) and Bishop James’ (Keith David) estranged daughter Grace returned 20 years after the death of their other daughter Faith (Terri Abney), their lives started to get messy. Now the latest episodes have been released on Netflix for fans across the world to delve into.

Since 2016, fans have watched the Greenleaf family on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and Netflix do everything they can to avoid scandal.

The latest series started on June 23 on OWN with the grand finale airing last night, Tuesday, August 11.

This morning, Wednesday, August 12, the entirety of series five was dropped on Netflix.

With the drama’s latest season now available globally, fans are already looking to the future asking if there will be anymore episodes of Greenleaf.

Will there be another series of Greenleaf?

According to Deadline, the final season of Greenleaf was the number one series on broadcast and cable among African American women.

The drama’s penultimate episode also drew in a massive audience of 2.1 million viewers.

Following the series finale on OWN yesterday, there was an hour-long special featuring interviews with the cast as well as behind the scenes footage.

This is not something the show would normally do following a series finale but this was a special occasion.

Greenleaf’s series five finale was the last ever episode of the OWN drama.

The network confirmed earlier this year Greenleaf would be cancelled after season five.

Therefore, a series six is not on the cards with the story of the Greenleaf family now finished.

For those who haven’t been able to watch the show on OWN, Greenleaf’s last series is available on Netflix.

The cast has since opened up on social media about their time on the show.

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Bishop James actor Keith David said in an Instagram statement: “A rare situation is when those of us playing a dysfunctional family don’t get caught up in that energy and manage to maintain healthy, growing, professional and personal relationships.

“Each opportunity was a chance to live through the specificity of each relationship.

“The communication from all these beautiful actors has fed my life in ways words just don’t fully illustrate. I love them all.”

Actor Lamman Rucker also said: “YOU (Fans) are the real GREENLEAF Family!!! “We’ll miss you! Please don’t forget us! Bring us into your homes, keep us in your hearts and hold onto us firmly – FOREVER!!!

“We will ALWAYS belong to you!!!”

Fortunately, though, this won’t be goodbye forever as OWN has confirmed there will be a Greenleaf spin-off series.

Back in May, OWN took to Twitter to announce the news with a short video.

The message in the video reads: “Greenleaf the final season.

“We told you to never lose faith. Prayers have been answered.

“A spin-off is in the works. Let the church say Amen!”

Details on when it will be released or even what it is about have been kept secret but luckily for fans, there is still another chapter of the story to come.

Greenleaf is available to watch on Netflix.

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