Grown-ish: Chloe x Halle have trouble dating in clip

Dating is hard to begin with, but grown-ish plans to explain how much harder it is for black women.

In this week’s episode, star athletes Jazlyn (Chloe Bailey) and Skylar (Halle Bailey) open up about how they’ve been striking out in the love department since arriving at school, especially with black men, most of whom seem like they’re not interested in them. This news definitely comes as a surprise to the rest of the group. But as you can see in the exclusive clip above, Jazlyn and Skylar’s point is quickly confirmed when a potential black suitor approaches their table and immediately starts hitting on Ana (Francia Raisa) even though Jazlyn definitely signaled to him she was interested in him.

“It doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of want for us [black women] in our college in the episode,” Halle tells EW. “It’s a beautiful thing that we’re talking about it in the episode because it’s just so true to life, and it just hones in on what the girls are feeling in the episode and their insecurities. It ends up being really fun because it ends up being honest and letting all that out there.”

Both Chloe and Halle were overjoyed when they first read the script for this episode and realized the episode would be tackling this issue. “We felt really great and liberated as well because — and that’s why I love being part of this show — they talk about things that aren’t really talked about in mainstream media,” says Chloe. “It made us look at ourselves and society and just really internalize Jazlyn and Skylar and [that] everyone has insecurities and sometimes you feel left out and just channeling that for this role.”

Chloe adds: “I feel like anybody can relate to this because everyone has insecurity, whether it’s with themselves or when they go to college and feel like nobody really wants them, and it’s definitely tackling that.”

Halle hopes Wednesday’s episode helps people realize that “we are beautiful and you don’t need confirmation from anyone,” she says. “You just have to start from within and love yourself first, and then the rest will come.”

Watch the clip above.

Grown-ish airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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