Hanna season 2: Is Erik Heller really dead? Stars reveal all about Joel Kinnaman’s exit

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Amazon’s hit series Hanna will be returning for a brand-new season on the streaming platform on July 3. Ahead of its return, Express.co.uk spoke to some of the cast about what to expect and whether Erik Heller (played by Joel Kinnaman) is really dead or if he could make a return to the series.

Is Erik Heller really dead in Hanna?

The shocking season one finale of Hanna featured the dramatic death of Hanna’s (Esmé Creed-Miles) pseudo father figure Erik Heller.

He was shot down during the dramatic stand-off at Utrax in the finale after he and Hanna tried to free the recruits.

Although despite him collapsing and Hanna burying his body, some fans thought there were some questions remaining.

In fact, viewers might be forgiven for thinking the shocking death was not completely true given the twisty nature of the show.


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And during a set visit when Hanna was filming last year, one cast member cast revealed they felt the same way.

Asked about the shocking scene by Express.co.uk, season two’s new villain Dermot Mulroney admitted he felt the same way.

The star who will play new character John Carmichael said: “I wasn’t quite sure he was dead when I watched it. I wasn’t quite sure.”

However, when pushed on whether he was gone or not, he admitted he knows for sure he is now.

Mulroney added: “That’s just what I read into it. He’s quite dead!

“There’s clear evidence that he’s not going to jump out from behind the curtain.

“And I think [writer, David] Farr is a more sophisticated storyteller than to pull stunts like that, that’s not at all what he’s up to.”

Marissa Wiegler star Mireille Enos also revealed how there will be some clear evidence of this in season two about this.


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She added: “The CIA have made sure that he’s dead. They haven’t left that a question mark!”

The actor previously worked with Erik star Kinnaman on The Killing so she admitted it was a hard death to take.

She added: “I mean I love him. He’s my great pal so I was like who’s going to be my playmate?”

While Carmichael certainly stepped up to the plate for season two, she also teased there might be a way for Kinnaman to return.


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Enos explained: “I keep begging David Farr if we’re lucky enough to get a third season to have a flashback episode where we bring the father back in. I think that will be fun. But who knows?”

Season two, however, will focus on how the Ultrax programme has grown under the leadership of Carmichael.

And as Hanna attempts to avoid the evil organisation’s grasp, there will be some huge revelations about what they’re planning.

Mulroney teased: “It’s a great slow burner. Probably one of the most appealing things about Hanna now that I know season two is how deep it was and continues to just peel one more and one more [layer]. It’s a great big concept.”

Hanna season 2 launches on Amazon’s Prime Video on July 3.

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