Hannah B Is Throwing Some Serious 'Bachelorette' Shade on Twitter

So, last night’s hometowns episode of The Bachelorette was a lot. Luke P. was revealed to apparently have friends. Jed’s family were unbelievably sus. Tyler C. was shirtless a lot. Of course, Bachelor Nation had a lot to say on Twitter—but one account was throwing more shade than them all. That is, of course, the Bachelorette herself—@AlabamaHannah.

The night started innocently enough. After all, pilot Pete has the personality of a golden retriever. That being said, even Hannah couldn’t resist a little innuendo:

also add it was the smoothest landing I’ve ever experienced. he knows his was around the cockpit. #TheBachelorette https://t.co/J7Kj42IuqZ

Next, we went to Tyler C.’s hometown Jupiter. With the sun, sea, and plenty of shots of Tyler’s abs, we were all basically in heaven. Hannah even tweeted the lyrics to the song ‘Jupiter,’ by Train, to confirm:

back from the atmosphere. now drops of Jupiter in my hair. 🎶 #TheBachelorette pic.twitter.com/McTzCemVyF

We also got a glimpse into the awkward AF BTS of her car make-out sesh with Tyler C.:

yes, the driver was in the car. and yes, he unfortunately could not control himself and chuckled “he’s a lucky boy, goodnight huh?” 🤦🏼‍♀️#thebachelorette

(Side note: Surely it’s about 10x as awkward for the cameramen who constantly have to watch her kissing all these dudes?)

And then…the Luke P. part begins.

God bless this mess. #TheBachelorette

Yup. During the part where she meets Luke P.’s super religious family in Georgia, Hannah reminisces on the sheer awkwardness of it all:

have you ever told an entire family that nobody like’s their son? I have. 🙋‍♀️ #TheBachelorette

ughhhhh. I was on meds. I was sick. I went to the urgent care. I do not know the things I said while in georgia. #TheBachelorette

She even roasts Luke for saying that they were back on track:

these must be the tracks we are back on. #TheBachelorette pic.twitter.com/vwDK5JYL1y

Even though Luke SOMEHOW got yet another rose, it’s good to see that present day Hannah seems about as keen on that whole affair as I am (hint: not very).

Now, if you thought that things could only possibly get any better with rumored frontrunner Jed, you would be sorely mistaken. Hannah refers to Jed’s mom’s toast, where mama Wyatt said, “When you stick to the truth, it’s beneficial to everyone.” Given the allegations that have come out about Jed’s ex-girlfriend and his cheating, this toast seems more than a little telling.

good toast. good message. cheers! 🍻#TheBachlorette

Also, she spelled The Bachelorette wrong, but it seems that Hannah B. is just like me and loves to drink wine whilst yelling at the TV.

Then there was the super elusive tweet about her family’s reaction:

I wish I could tweet the things coming out of my family’s mouth right now. lolz.

Does this mean that things with her and the winner of The Bachelorette really have gone south (pun intended)? We! Need! Answers!

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