Harry Potter theory: Barty Crouch Jr NEEDED Felix Felicis to impersonate Mad Eye Moody

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One of the biggest twists in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was discovering that the Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr had been impersonating Mad Eye Moody for the entire Hogwarts year. But now a popular new fan theory argues that Polyjuice Potion alone wasn’t enough. What if Barty also needed Felix Felicis aka Liquid Luck?

Fans will remember Harry used Felix Felicis in Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince to obtain the uncorrupted memory of Horace Slughorn regarding Horcruxes.

Reddit user EquivalentInflation argues Crouch Jr used Liquid Luck to impersonate Moody properly.

The theorist wrote: “Physically, he had polyjuice potion, that’s logical. But Moody was one of Dumbledore’s oldest friends (and it’s implied Hagrid’s as well).

“Crouch also had to repeatedly deal with ministry officials, many of whom had worked with Moody. Yes, he had access to Moody, so he could use Imperio to get information out of him. But imagine the level of detail required.”

The theorist continued: “From the timeline in the books, Crouch had less than 12 hours after replacing Moody to interrogate him. In that time, he had to figure out how Moody walked, talked, and behaved.”

The fan pointed out that one thing we knew about Moody was just how incredibly paranoid he was.

They wrote: “Upon meeting Harry for the first time (for real), Moody immediately performs a check to see if Harry has been replaced or controlled, by asking him a question only he’d know.

“It seems fair to assume that he has some kind of code word or security question for his close friends, including Dumbledore.”

They argued: “Also, given his extreme paranoia, Moody may even have created a fake code word, to be told to his kidnappers, then informed his friends that if he’d been replaced, he’d have his kidnapper say that word.

“Given the Imperius curse, Crouch could have forced it out of him. But, as we learn from Harry, people can resist the curse, or at least, maliciously comply, giving only partial information.

“One of the top Aurors in history seems like he’d have plenty of practice doing just that.”

Now if Crouch Jr took just a few drops of Felix Felicis at key moments, he would have just the right amount of luck he needed to keep up his disguise and get through such difficult moments.

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The theorist added: “We only see him interact with Dumbledore a few times, so he wouldn’t need much of it.

“He also likely used it to make sure his plan went off well.

“After all, Crouch’s entire plan hinged on a large number of tiny details going right.”

This included being capable of tricking the Goblet of Fire, an incredibly difficult magical task, by having Harry’s name come qualify.

Plus making sure Harry would be allowed to compete and not just forfeit would have been tough.

Then, after that, so would having Harry succeed in the Triwizard Tournament tasks and being the first to the cup.

Of course in the end, he was transported to Voldemort along with Cedric Diggory as the cup turned out to be a Portkey.

So surely Felix Felicis would have been extremely useful for Crouch Jr to successfully implement his plan. 


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