Hayley Slater causes trouble as she returns to Albert Square in EastEnders

Tonight is the return of Hayley Slater, who does nothing but cause trouble the minute she returns to Albert Square.

Hayley arrives and almost immediately starts getting residents’ backs up as she tries to sell some of her belongings on the market.

Of course, she doesn’t have a license or a pitch so the other traders are not happy to see her and they demand she move.

Stacey Fowler is also concerned by her reappearance and worries she might be back to try and steal Martin Fowler from her.

Stacey warns Hayley off, telling her she is not welcome in Walford, but Hayley eases her concerns by claiming she has a new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Big Mo Harris tries to wow the crowd at the Queen Vic with her new money-making scheme: Suzie the Psychic.

Naturally the punters are skeptical of her psychic skills, but she wins them over when she correctly predicts that Patrick Trueman is back in the Square.

Patrick immediately decides he should talk to Ted after his return, to comfort him following the loss of Ted’s wife.

Elsewhere, Rainie Cross demands Robbie Jackson return the keys to the car lot after she saw him talking to Phil Mitchell.

Also, Sonia Jackson continues to think about her feelings for Martin.

Finally, Keegan Taylor and Shakil Kazemi try to impress some girls by inviting them round to Shakil’s brother Kush’s house, but his mum Carmel interrupts their efforts.

EastEnders airs tonight at 8pm on BBC1.

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