Henry Golding’s Crazy Rich Asians Mom Doesn’t Approve of James Corden in Hilarious Sketch

Even James Corden has to pass the Crazy Rich Asians mom test.

Star Henry Golding was supposed to appear on the Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday, but in order to sit next to Corden, the host had to gain a very important person’s approval.

“You know I want to be on that couch more than anything, James, but there is a slight problem. My mom’s here. She says the only way I can go on the show is if you win her approval,” Golding says, as the camera pans out to reveal Michelle Yeoh in his dressing room.

The actress plays Golding’s disapproving mom Eleanor Young in the blockbuster hit, also starring Constance Wu. Luckily, Corden says moms love him and he’ll have no trouble winning her over as he comes back later with a for Yeoh.

“Henry, I thought you said your mom was here, not your younger sister!” Corden jokes when Yeoh (steely as ever) opens the door later on in the sketch.

But he still has a long way to go as Yeoh immediately makes her stance on the late night host clear.

“My Henry’s worked too hard to end up here with you,” Yeoh sternly says. “I want to make it clear to you: you’re never going to be good enough for our family. You’re not even good enough for your own family.”

The three then recreate several iconic scenes from the movie — including making dumplings and playing Mahjong together — before Corden mirror’s Wu’s epic speech from the climax of the comedy to get one up on Yeoh.

“Look, I know you don’t think I’m good enough for Henry, and you’re probably right,” Corden tells her back in the dressing room. “But one day he’s gonna be on another late night talk show, and I want you to remember this and think of me and everything I sacrificed. Because if I can’t have him as a guest on my show, then I don’t want any guest on my show.”

Though Corden walks away, Golding runs after him and reveals he finally earned Yeoh’s approval.

Watch the hilarious sketch above. Crazy Rich Asians is now in theaters.

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