‘High Life’ First Trailer: Robert Pattinson Blasts Off in Claire Denis’ Erotic Space Thriller — Watch

Never fear, director Claire Denis’ first foray into English-language filmmaking doesn’t appear to have put any kind of hitch in her unique step. The “Chocolat” and “Trouble Every Day” filmmaker has turned her attention to the wilds of space with her Robert Pattinson-starring “High Life.” The ambitious sci-fi thriller puts a twist on classic space films like “2001” and “Alien,” unspooling a strange and sexy exploration of both the human condition and the universe itself.

The film follows a group of prisoners, including Pattinson and Mia Goth, in the midst of a journey that will most likely not ever bring them back home. Juliette Binoche is also on deck as the nefarious Dr. Dibs, who has her own reasons for traveling on the black hole-bound spaceship, mainly centered around performing shocking and bizarre experiments on the ship’s criminal inhabitants.

In his glowing IndieWire review of the film from TIFF, David Ehrlich wrote, “‘High Life’ isn’t your average science-fiction movie. In fact, Denis rejects the genre designation outright, insisting that her latest and most elliptical opus is far too grounded to be lumped in with the likes of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Solaris.’ That logic doesn’t quite hold up to scrutiny in a film where Robert Pattinson and Andre 3000 ride a flying matchbox past the outer limits of our solar system, but no matter. The results are heavenly all the same.”

A24 will release “High Life” in 2019. Check out the first trailer for the film below.

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