Hollyoaks’ Darren and Mandy finally call it quits amid Ollie’s abuse ordeal

Darren and Mandy have been getting off for what feels like a decade, with neither Nancy nor Luke seeming to work out what is going on.

Luke has discovered Mandy is sleeping with another man, or at least was, but she has been able to talk her way out of trouble in recent weeks.

But it looks like Darren may finally be coming to his sense about the whole thing as he dumps Mandy in a brutal way – but does her hold over him mean the break-up doesn’t last as long as it should?

First, Mandy is upset with Darren as he has been avoiding her texts over a few days.

She is going through a pretty difficult time as she found out Milo was the person that killed her parent, so she heads over to Price Slice to confront Darren about his standoffish ways.

Darren is conflicted and can’t decide whether it’s the right thing to carry on his illicit affair with Mandy – but will he give in to her feminine wiles?

Later on, Darren finally decides it’s the best thing for them both to cool things off, and he tells Mandy their affair is done and he will not be meeting up with her anymore.

He also tells her she should have a fresh start away from Luke, as his alcoholism is getting worse and she is terribly unhappy in her marriage.

Mandy hears what he says then later on, she tells Ella to pack her things as they are leaving.

But is Mandy going to leave Luke for good?

As this is going on, Ollie’s abuse comes to the knowledge of the village as Scott is arrested after Buster frames him.

Mandy then bumps into Diane, who is buying a terrified Scott chocolates as he is held at the police station.

Diane is furious with Mandy as she believes Scott did it, after Luke found the images in his bin at home.

Darren tries to comfort Mandy over the family dramas around her, but she can’t forgive him for ending their relationship.

So is this really the end, or will the circumstances surrounding lead them to find their way back into bed together?

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and 7pm at E4 for a first look episode.

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