Hollyoaks fans sickened by abuse scenes and predict alcoholic Luke Morgan won't remember son Ollie's devastating reveal about Buster Smith abusing him

The paedophile football coach manipulated Ollie into posing for pictures for a supposed promotional campaign before quickly making him remove his clothes to take private pictures, leaving Ollie traumatised.

And when he discovered that Buster had lied about the promotional campaign, Ollie broke down and told his alcoholic dad Luke about the abuse.

As Luke promised to stop Buster from hurting Ollie anymore, the schoolboy's ordeal seems finally to be at an end, but fans fear that drunk Luke will forget what Ollie said by the morning, leaving his son at the mercy of Buster more.

One fan said: "Makes me feel so sick and sad watching the hollyoaks story line with buster and olly."

A second added: "This Buster & Ollie storyline is really disturbing and it needs to come to and end now; stop dragging it! #Hollyoaks"

Another wrote: "This grooming/abuse storyline on hollyoaks between Buster and Ollie makes my skin crawl."

A fourth added: "Why do I get the feeling that by tomorrow morning Luke will have forgotten some the content of the conversation he’s had with Ollie. And once he confronts Buster, he’ll worm his way out of it!! #Hollyoaks"

Last night fans were desperate for Scott Drinkwell to save Ollie from Buster's sickening abuse.

Schoolboy Ollie has been being groomed and abused by football coach Buster for months.

Earlier this week Buster stepped up his manipulations of his latest victim by abusing him and convincing Ollie that he might be gay.

But now Ollie has reached out to Scott to ask for help with his confusion about his sexuality and fans are hoping that kindly Scott will realise what's happening and step in to save Ollie.

One wrote: Scott's words to Oli brought tears to my eyes #Hollyoaks

A second said: " I’m desperate for agony uncle Scott to figure out what’s going on with Ollie #hollyoakssos @Hollyoaks @ross_adams @aedanduckworthh"

Another said: " Oh I love Scott. Such a lovely, genuine guy. I really hope Ollie opens up to him, or someone soon as seeing him so confused and messed up is heartbreaking "

A fourth tweeted: " Scott has a heart of gold i hope he saves Ollie."

However other fans urged caution with the storyline.

One said: "Please let Ollie actually be gay/bi, otherwise it perpetuates a negative myth that all male paedophiles are gay and that Buster is 'converting' the straight football star.

"It paints a picture that Ollie feelings for men are wrong & his feelings for Brooke are pure. #Hollyoaks"

Unfortunately at the end of the episode when Ollie tried to speak to his dad, Luke flew off the handle and Ollie lied and claimed Scott was harassing him by asking him if he was gay.

Luke stormed over to Scott and accused him of being inappropriate with Ollie, cutting off any chance of Scott helping Ollie escape his abuser.

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