Hollyoaks’ Ollie avoids trial as Buster tries to get away with horrific abuse

Ollie Morgan looks set to flee the trial of Buster Smith as he cannot face probing and questioning over the football coach’s wicked ways.

Buster abused Ollie in the dressing room of a football match, and this led to Ollie becoming confused, angry and questioning his sexuality.

The football coach continued to manipulate Ollie, arranging a horrific topless photoshoot under the guise of "advertising," as well as controlling his life and grooming him in subtler ways to try and keep him close.

Luke Morgan mistakenly attacked Scott Drinkwell, believing he was the abuser, so now he must stand trial for the attack.

Meanwhile Brody Hudson came forward to say Buster also groomed him as a teenager, meaning he needs Ollie to join the fight to put Buster behind bars.

But it all becomes too much for Ollie to bear as he tries to run away from the trial, horrified at the idea of speaking out in front of a jury.

First, Brody decides to organise a fundraiser at The Dog to raise money for Ollie, but Ollie’s dad Luke does not want to be a charity case.

In the end, Luke warms to the idea and gets involved.

Luke is contemplating drinking again, but Ollie is furious that his dad would betray him and break their pact.

Later, Brody advises Ollie to support his dad and show him he is not alone as they are all dealing with difficult news.

It’s the day Luke has been dreading, court day, so he steals all the notes from the safe in The Hutch for fear he will say the wrong thing.

Darren Osborne catches him and tries to convince him to not make things worse, but Luke asks his friend to keep quiet for him.

Later, Mandy Richardson pleads with Scott Drinkwell to stand up in court and defend Luke, reluctantly Scott agrees to help, will it make any difference in sentencing for Luke?

Brody catches Luke and Ollie loading the car with bags, and realising they are doing a runner, begs them to not go as Ollie is the star witness in Buster’s trail.

But will they flee, potentially jeopardising the trial to put Buster behind bars?

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 7pm on E4.

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