Hollyoaks viewers are sick of Darren and Mandy as they continue their affair

Tonight’s (August 8) episode of Hollyoaks brought more love triangle drama for Darren, Nancy and Mandy.

Darren’s months long affair with Mandy continued to play out in the latest instalment of the soap after the two slept together once again, with love rat Darren even dropping the ‘L word’ as they shared a passionate moment together.

It’s pretty safe to say that not everyone’s loving their sneaky antics after the twosome began their sordid affair earlier this year.

But while the majority aren’t exactly rooting for the couple, viewers were pretty shocked that the twosome’s affair STILL hasn’t been uncovered yet after their pretty blatant displays of PDA.

And it sounds like savvy fans are expecting a pregnancy storyline to rear it’s head soon, with a ‘who’s the daddy’ twist thrown in for good measure.

Angering fans even more, after meeting up with Mandy, Darren then returned home to his wife who surprised him with a movie session where things got pretty intimate for the cheater once again.

Yep, the twosome got down and dirty just minutes after he did the same with Mandy.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, there was drama for Breda after Peri and Harley got tracked down by Ron. Protecting the girls, Ron demanded money from the nanny after she stepped in to protect them, which had viewers feeling all protective after seeing her have the girls’ backs.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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