Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves already threatening to quit CBB if he's not given luxury items behind other housemates' backs

In an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, the cosmetic surgery addict has revealed his contract states he'll drink nothing but champagne, prosecco or cava.

Before entering the house tonight, Rodrigo confessed to the The Sun Online: "I may walk off if I can't handle it."

The 34-year-old  – who has spent more than £500,000 on around 160 procedures – signed up to the show this summer for a bumper pay packet to let people "see the real him".

He's even keeping an open mind about having a romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house – but will he have sex in there?

Rodrigo said: "I don’t have high expectations as I don’t know who the other housemates are. But if it happens organically…"

His requests for special treatment over his new housemates could threaten to rub the other celebrities up the wrong way.

He expects them to cater for his pricey organic diet during the shopping task and has told Big Brother he's bringing in his own hair straighteners.

Rodrigo said: "Hopefully Big Brother will be fair on me.

"I have set my request, which has been written in my contract, that I'm going to get what I need.

I may walk off if I can't handle it.

"My requests are very simple. I want my eye-drops in my pocket at all times or else they get very dry and I can't see properly.

"Also I have to use my own hair straightener. I don't use them all the time, but I like to style my hair sometimes. That's another one of my demands.

"The final one is my drink. I have to have sparkling wine – I don't care if it's champagne, cava or prosecco.

"It doesn't have to be Dom Perignon or anything like that. As long as it is bubbles that's all I need."

But if Big Brother does choose to grant Rodrigo's alcohol wishes, producers might regret it.

He said: "The rules are very strict. The amount of paperwork I have to go through is ridiculous. It's like a bible.

"I might break the rules if I'm little tipsy and drunk."

Rodrigo could have strong hold over Big Brother after he let slip the show has been begging him to sign up for years.

Chatting to us he refused to reveal how much he's being paid for his appearance, but teased: "It's been two years that they've been trying to get me on this show so the offer was very good I'll tell you that."

Brazilian-born Rodrigo is no stranger to being in front of the camera.

During his seven-year stint in the showbiz industry, he has appeared on 86 television shows, 13 documentaries and 17 reality shows.

He has even made a celebrity guest appearance on the Italian version of Big Brother, but was only in there for 48 hours.

He's now hoping to have the full experience, but can't promise he won't try to bend the rules with Big Brother.

Rodrigo's been on a strict Ketogenic diet after putting on the pounds when he had four ribs removed to get a superslim waist.

He is now back to his normal weight since ditching carbs and sugar – but refuses to let it slip while in the house.

He said: "I gained two stone because I couldn't go to the gym or anything.

"I'm back to being slim now so I told the production I'm still on a diet so I hope they will stick to my dietary requirements.

"Apparently there is a budget, which means you can only spend a certain amount on food.

"My request is very simple. Whoever's doing the list just needs to add what I need.

"If there's any fights I'm just going to tell them the benefits of the Ketogenic diet."

Despite his directness, Rodrigo insists he won't be a feisty character – instead he wants to bring glamour to the house.

He said: "I don't like confrontation or arguments. I don't want to be the drama-maker or starting fights.

"I'm going to be exotic, quirky, foreign, loving and lovely. I will stand up for myself though.

"In the past I was bullied and victimised about being fat and ugly.

"People obviously have an opinion about my appearance and my extreme makeover through plastic surgery, but I hope my housemates will be able to respect that.

"If there's any challenge in regards to my appearance and my personal decisions I can handle it.

"It will be a chance for me – not to explain myself – but to give an insight of the reasons behind it."

Rodrigo's only fear about going into the house is that it could trigger his past insecurities.

He maintains he's "very well trained psychologically", but intends to stick to his guns about his demands for the sake of his health.

Despite claiming he would walk out if pushed, Rodrigo laughs as he admits: "Or I could just stay until the end and win."

If Rodrigo does stick it out and collect his large fee, the star vows not to spend it on surgery, saying: "I'm over and done with that sweetheart."

The Sun Online revealed the celebrities daring to enter the Big Brother house this summer include porn star Stormy Daniels, Love Island's Gabby Allen, ex-Towie star for Dan Osborne and Scientologist Kirstie Alley.

But Rodrigo claims he hasn't been tempted to research his fellow housemates. Instead he wants to get to know them at face-value.

As well as trying to make friends, Rodrigo will keep busy with his strict daily skincare regime and multiple outfit changes after promising to wear "something to suit each room of the house".

The reality star – who can speak six languages – says he's looking forward to an "experience of a lifetime" and is looking forward to having a "holiday away from social media".

He added: "It's the first chance I'm having here in the UK to show the true and real me.

"I want to have fun and have a good time. I also see it as a holiday away from my phone, my computer and social networks.

"It's an experience of a lifetime."

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