India Willoughby reveals brand new face after trolls forced her to get surgery

India Willoughby has revealed her brand new face after trolls forced her to get life-changing surgery.

The transgender newsreader had facial feminization surgery after facing a barrage of online abuse about her appearance.

India went through an 11-hour long operation in Spain to erase the signs of masculinity from her face.

The 51-year-old confessed she liked her old face but felt pressured to change her appearance after her Celebrity Big Brother stint.

She was misgendered multiple times by her fellow housemates, including Ann Widdecombe and Amanda Barrie , during the special all-woman series .

Speaking on This Morning, India said: "I like my new face. I liked my old face. If I’m honest but words are powerful things. The words online really cut deep to me.

"I consider myself thick-skinned journalistic and transgender but that level was really tough. It’s the first time I’d encountered misgendering. I don’t think people got why I was so upset."

Along with surgery to her forehead and eyes India had a mini facelift, lip lift and hairline redefined.

India admitted it was upsetting when "clever women" in the CBB house didn’t treat her with respect.

She said: "Part of me is a bit embarrassed about the fact that that it’s the element that gave me the final push. Going into the house I was perfectly happy with how I looked. Coming out of the house was the problem."

India worried that the surgery would completely change her appearance and she was doing it for the wrong reasons.

While she was pleased with the results, which will take six to eight months to show properly, she won’t be getting any more surgery.

India said: "There’s no more surgery for me. People will say it’s easy to say that. We all know cosmetic surgery can be addictive. Some people fall into that hole but I’m fairly certain I wont."

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