Inside Sam Faiers' incredible £1,450 two-storey summer house built for her children Paul and Rosie complete with luxury rugs and animal heads

The £1,450 funhouse lies in their sprawling garden and comes complete with luxury furnishings, animal teddies, a staircase and patio doors.

It has a safari-cabin vibe with pine fittings throughout, a giraffe's head and bunting on the walls, and hanging flower baskets.

The theme continues outside and Sam has arranged safari animal cushions where the kids can sit with their pals.

Rosie and Paul will also be able to enjoy eating their lunch at their very own picnic table.

But when they're tired of entertaining friends, they can relax on the adorable kids' loungers nearby.

The house is just for playtime and it doesn't have a sleeping area for the kids.

Sam revealed that the parents co-sleep with their kids and will do for another three years.

The mum-of-two, who gave birth to her youngest Rosie back in November, shares a bed with the eight-month-old tot.

While Paul, 30, shares with their two-year-old son.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Sam, 27, revealed: "Paul sleeps with Big Paul, and Rosie sleeps with me. But it works, we’re all getting sleep.

"When I was heavily pregnant with Rosie, I started getting really uncomfortable and going for a wee at night. I was disturbing Big Paul and Little Paul, so I thought I’d go into my own bed."

"Then when I had Rosie I was so comfortable in that bed that it just continued that way. She’s still in there with me. I can’t imagine not having one of them in the bed with me now. It’s gone on for so long, as it’s so lovely to wake up with them and cuddle and see their little faces.

"Obviously when Paul goes to school he’ll be in his own room, but it's such a small time that they’re this young.

"When they’re four and going to school, that’s it, they’re not babies anymore. I think while we can, and we’re still all comfortable with it, it’s really nice having them in the bed with us."

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