Inside Shaun Ryder and Gillian McKeith’s I’m A Celebrity feud

Gillian McKeith prepares her hair for the I'm a Celeb jungle

I’m A Celebrity… South Africa returned to TV screens and the first episode ended with a shock announcement for the camp.

After seeing the campmates settle into their new surroundings in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a special announcement was made and it might just have been Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder’s worst nightmare.

If fans remember back to 2010 when Shaun first appeared on the ITV show, there was one campmate in particular that he did not get along with – nutritionist Gillian McKeith. 

Up until that point in the new All Stars series, there were just nine campmates. 

Even though they probably expected a twist or two, as well as a few late arrivals, no one could have anticipated Gillian would also make her return to the show.

While Gillian may be best remembered for her famous fainting during a live trial, she also got into several heated arguments with Shaun during their time in the Australian jungle over a decade ago.

Upon leaving the show back in 2010, Gillian told hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly she and Shaun had a “love-hate” relationship.

She explained: “Sometimes we would get on good but other times I was just frightened.”

Meanwhile Shaun told Ant and Dec: “If Gillian was my wife, she would be in pieces in a plastic bag, deep in a hole in the back garden.”

Viewers saw them argue when they were forced to stand in freezing cold water together.

 “You’re a f****** irritating woman,” Shaun roared as Gillian replied: “You say nasty things all the time… your tone, everything. The way you speak to everyone.”

They also rowed over Gillian asking Shaun not to smoke in front of her.

Shaun argued: “You f***ing what? I’ll smoke where I want, you can go in the f***ing toilet. I smoke where I want, don’t tell me where I can’t smoke.”

When Gillian asked him not to spear, he responded:“I’ll f***ing swear when I want to swear so f*** off.”

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So, when Gillian emerged from the box that was carried into camp in last night’s episode, Shaun immediately swore.

Amir Khan and Jordan Banjo immediately pick up on the tension, with Amir saying: “He doesn’t look happy. He’s maybe thinking, ‘Why did she come in?'”

While Paul Burrell covertly asked Shaun: “Is she as mad as a box of frogs?” to which he replied: “Yes, last time I wanted to kill her.”

He also added: “She should have stayed in the box, folks.”

Gillian, on the other hand shouted out: “I couldn’t let you do this without jungle Gill!” as her fellow campmates looked on in shock.

In a sneak peek of Tuesday night’s episode, Shaun isn’t exactly happy about her return as he exclaims: “F****g hell.” 

It’s really no surprise the duo have been paired up to do a challenge together.

Viewers will have to wait and see how they get on with one another this time around.

I’m A Celebrity South Africa continues tonight on ITV and ITVX at 9pm.

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