‘It was horrible’ Taskmaster star Sarah Kendall recalls ‘standout cringe moment’

Frayed: Sarah Kendall stars in ABC TV comedy series

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Channel 4’s Taskmaster sees comedians compete in a series of quirky challenges, set by Greg Davies and Alex Horne, in a bid to be crowned the champion. Australian comedy star Sarah Kendall won series 11, but admits there are moments of her time on the show she regrets. Reflecting on some of the more challenging tasks, Sarah revealed she felt “stupid” watching herself back.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Sarah admitted there was one “horrible” task that stuck in her mind.

“The one that I died watching back was the golf course one, where your teammates were blinded and you could shout only three words into a megaphone,” she said.

The task saw her team up with fellow comedy stars Charlotte Ritchie and Jamali Maddix.

Sarah had to guide her two blindfolded teammates to a specific point on a golf course.

However, she was only allowed to issue one instruction of three words every 30 seconds.

Recalling the activity, Sarah remarked: “Lee [Mack] and Mike Wozniak, in their team, had done it the clever way. They had just done it the smart way.

“I had done the absolute stupidest version and when I saw the way Lee had done it I was like, ‘Oh my god I didn’t think of that,’” she confessed.

Sarah admitted she didn’t enjoy watching the footage of the task back in the Taskmaster studio.

She said: “I was dreading it. I was absolutely dreading my video coming up because not only was it a stupid idea, I didn’t have any other ideas on the day, so I had to double down on the stupid idea.

“I think historically, it’s like the American involvement in Vietnam. You go, ‘This is a stupid idea. I have no other idea. So I’m going to double down on my stupid idea.'”

“So it was my Vietnam. It just made no sense what I was doing,” the comedian joked.

Sarah highlighted the drastic difference in her performance and that of her competitors.

The Taskmaster champion commented: “It took like it took Mike and Lee something like seven minutes and it took our team 28 minutes.

“I was the one who was driving the bus, it was all on me, I was the one directing them.

“So, my stupid idea had impacted directly on my teammates. It was horrible.

“So, yeah, I think that for me was my standout cringe moment where I just kind of thought, ‘Oh God, I’m not bright. I thought I was bright and I’m not,’” Sarah explained.

The comedian confirmed she plans to return to the show in the future for a special Champion of Champions competition.

Sarah will go head to head with other Taskmaster winners in a new range of challenges.

However, the comedian confessed she expects to do “very badly” when she makes her comeback to the Channel 4 show.

Taskmaster series one to 12 are available to stream on All4.

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