ITV Good Morning Britain viewers sent into a frenzy over Rachel Riley appearance

Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard welcomed Countdown star Rachel Riley onto the show today to chat about the important of maths.

Rachel debated the advantages of brushing up on your mathematical skills and even took part in a short quiz.

Ben asked: “The square root of 225?”

After making some notes, she replied: “It’s probably 15,” which was in fact correct.

Susanna was taken aback by Rachel’s skills but Ben continued with the quizzing, asking: “How many zeros in a quintillion?”

“I have no idea,” Rachel replied. Ben went on to ask: “The square root of 15,129?”

Rachel sighed: “Well, it probably ends in three. This is something a computer does. This is where we go into quantum physics,” before giving up and remarking: “Lovely.”

But while Rachel chatted about the importance of maths, viewers were distracted by her appearance.

The 33-year-old looked stunning in a red floral summer dress and many of those tuning in claimed they were distracted by Rachel’s beauty.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer shared: “Math has never been more interesting @GMB @RachelRileyRR wow.”

Another added: “@RachelRileyRR sexy on GMB.”

“How have I not realized how FIT Rachel Riley is? #gmb,” a third tweeted.

Someone else wrote: “@RachelRileyRR is looking hot on @GMB #GoodMorningBritain this morning. Nice way to start the day I say lol.”

Her appearance on Good Morning Britain came after Laura Tobin was left red-faced when she swore live on air while presenting from the top of Blackpool Tower.

The weather presenter was delivering the latest forecast while dangling 158 metres in the air.

She could be heard screaming and before she went over the edge of the tower she said “f**k”.

Laura quickly realised she’d sworn and apologised: “Sorry, I might have said a bleep word.”

That wasn’t the only slip-up she made as she later said “c**p” live on air too.

“Is c**p a swear word?” Laura asked looking at the cameras with a worried expression.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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