ITV Loose Women: ‘This could get nasty’ Piers Morgan CLASHES with Janet Street-Porter

The journalists took a few shots at each other on Loose Women as Piers Morgan was interviewed by the presenters.

It unfolded as Piers discussed his upcoming Soccer Aid match where he’s going head-to-head with Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid as the pair manage opposing teams of stars in the name of charity.

Piers spoke about his management style when it came to football, drawing comparisons between when he worked as the editor of the Daily Mirror.

He turned to Janet to explain: “I used to run a newsroom of 400 people. Some needed the carrot, some needed the stick.

This could get really nasty

Piers Morgan

“You have to work out your players, it’s called management.”

However Janet was quick to remind Piers that she too had been a newspaper editor.

“I’ve edited a newspaper I know,” she declared as Piers hit back: “I edited for ten years longer than you.”

“You were there one minute, gone the next,” he continued.

But Janet reported: “We don’t want to boast about your journalistic career because it didn’t end too happily.”

“It ended fine for me,” he retorted.

The show almost descended into chaos but it was brought back to order by the hosts.

Piers laughed it off though as he chuckled: “This could get really nasty.”

Later on in the discussion, Piers said to Janet: “You love me really, don’t you?”

However, she wasn’t so sure as she replied: “Love you? What part of me loves you!”

She added: “You have just managed to trash my journalistic career.”

Piers went on to ask how long she had been the editor of The Independent on Sunday for when she said “two years”.

The father-of-four asserted he had been in his role for ten years when Janet struck again.

“My career did not end like yours did,” she declared.

Despite the war of words between the two of them, it appeared as though it was merely banter as they managed to move on to other topics.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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