'Jackass Forever': All of the Injuries Sustained While Filming the Final Installment of the Jackass Franchise

With the release of the new movie Jackass Forever, the question remains with there be another masterful stunt-filled comedy to come? Based on the injuries and ages of the cast, the answer is no. Filming Jackass Forever took more from the cast than they were prepared to give.

Jackass Forever

Since the beginning of the Jackass series began, there have been many stunts that are just for laughs and others to prove that crazy things can be done. Jackass Forever carries on the stunts and laughs in a similar fashion.

The difference? The cast members’ ages and the notable absence of Ryan Dunn, who died in 2011, according to IMDb. At the beginning of Jackass, the cast was mainly in their 20s; Johnny Knoxville was 29, Bam Margera was 21, Ryan Dunn was 23, Steve-O was 26, Wee-Man was 27.

After over 30 years of creating stunts and performing them, working on other projects, and creating their own lives, the cast members are getting old enough their bodies are objecting to the torture.

In October Knoxville will be 50, Margera will be 42, Dunn would’ve been 44, Steve-O will be 47, and Wee-Man will be 48, ages that most adults are looking toward retirement and taking care of their health.

Ages are a huge factor in the recovery of stunts

Between Dunn’s death and the personal issues of Bam Margera, it’s a wonder that the cast decided to come together for the last Jackass film.

Performing the stunts took extra time and care than they would have due to the cast’s ages and previous injuries. In an interview with GQ Steve-O stated:

“Filming Jackass at this age is much the same as it ever was, with two big differences. Our bones break significantly easier. And it takes less to knock us completely unconscious. Plus, longer to wake up.”

Injuries during Jackass Forever

According to Hot New Hip Hop, only a few days after filming began, Knoxville and Steve-O had already been taken to the hospital. The first incident that placed the two in the hospital was reported as a stunt involving musical instruments and jumping on a treadmill going full speed.

If that isn’t enough to make you cringe, the list of injuries during the film is enough to make the weakest man cry, all for laughs. Knoxville suffered the most during filming and received a broken rib, broken wrist, concussion, and a hemorrhage in his brain from a stunt involving a bull.

Steve-O hurt his shoulder and lost both of his eyebrows in a stunt involving wax and wild animals. Aaron Homoki, a pro skater, burned his right hand and Dave England lost a tooth. Wee-Man said, “this one hurt the most” out of all the Jackass movies. Even though the injuries hurt, the emotional pain will last longer.

Friendship with Margera destroyed

Coming together after the death of Dunn posed some emotional hurt, but the actions of Margera caused a rift between the cast members. Due to Margera’s peculiar contract, Paramount Pictures removed him from the film. After Margera was removed from the film he began to harass the cast and attacking the members over social media.

He claimed that the producers and cast were torturing him with drug tests, rehab, and remaining sober for the stunts. Jeff Tremaine and his family reportedly received death threats from Margera which prompted restraining orders, according to NME.

Jackass Forever‘s slapstick reality comedy, the last film of the series, should be available on Paramount Plus in early December 2021. If the film’s release isn’t set back again, you should be able to enjoy the amazing stunts the Jackass cast have performed as their finale.

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