Jennifer Lawrence Hacker Jail, George Garofano Sentenced, Nude Photos

The good news? One of the men who hacked Jennifer Lawrence and numerous other female celebrities in the massive 2014 iCloud hack, which is commonly referred to as ‘The Fappening,’ is going to jail. The bad news? The hacker will barely be spending any time there.

George Garofano was one of four people charged with the hacking and has just been sentenced to just eight months in prison, according to The Guardian. The 26-year-old man pleased guilty back in April, admitting that he posed as a member of Apple’s online security personnel and sent emails to the victims, including J.Law, Kate Upton, Melissa Benoist and more, in order to gain access to their accounts.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Brooklyn Academy of Music

Once the offender is done with his 8-month sentence, he will have be on three years of supervised release.

George and his legal team tried to fight for just five months in prison and five months of home confinement because they say he “already suffered” serious consequences for his actions and has changed his ways in the four years since the hacking spree. Prosecutors, however, wanted him in jail for 10 to 16 months, stating he “acted in complete and utter disregard for the impact on his victims’ lives.”

The three other hackers, including a man named Ryan Collins, have all already been sentenced to jail for lengths of time ranging from nine to 18 months.

The 28-year-old actress was traumatized by the hack, saying it wasn’t a scandal, but rather “a sex crime” and “a flagrant violation of privacy.”

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