Jim Jefferies Burns Jim Carrey for Being 'Duped' by Nike's Colin Kaepernick Ad: 'Corporations Don't Have Progressive Values'

“All these years later, and Jim Carrey is still talking out of his ass,” the comedian jokes while pointing out hypocrisy of praising shoe company.

Jim Jefferies doesn’t think Nike should be praised for hiring Colin Kaepernick to be the face of its 30th Just Do It campaign.

"Nike is a corporation, and corporations don’t have progressive values; they have shareholders," the Australian comedian explained Monday on his Comedy Central show, pointing out the company’s history of labor abuse. "Nike didn’t hire Kaepernick because they care about social justice; they hired him because you care."

"People like it when companies seem socially aware," Jefferies continued. "If Colin Kaepernick sells shoes, that’s not Nike taking a moral stand; it’s just good marketing. And to the people burning their shoes in outrage: You’re not mad at Nike for hiring Kaepernick; you’re mad because you live in a world where Colin Kaepernick is popular and respected. Destroying shoes you already purchased doesn’t affect Nike sales one bit."

Jefferies said one of his issues with the shoe company taking on Kaepernick as a spokesperson is that Kaepernick "isn’t even playing his sport." Another other issue, he said, is Nike’s hypocrisy.

"Not counting a few random morons burning their shoes, the campaign has been a huge success," Jefferies explained. "Since Kaepernick became the new face of Nike, sales have increased 31 percent. So thank you, Nike, for standing up for kneeling even though most of your political donations are to Republicans and you just signed an eight-year deal with the same league that refuses to let Kaepernick play."

"In fact, Nike is kneeling so much for the NFL that they’re changing their slogan to, ‘Just do it, but make it quick and don’t get it in my hair,’" he joked.

Jefferies then took aim at Jim Carrey — an outspoken progressive celebrity who regularly criticizes Republicans and conservatives through his art — for proudly wearing Nike shoes in support of Kaepernick on a recent episode of "Real Time with Bill Maher."

"People are smart. Who could ever be duped into supporting a conservative company who also happens to have a well-known history of labor abuses?" Jefferies asked before playing the video clip of Carrey flashing his Nikes.

"All these years later, and Jim Carrey is still talking out of his ass," Jefferies joked.

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