Jimmy Kimmel Marvels at 'Madman' Kanye West's 'Crazy Conversation' with Donald Trump

The late-night host could barely keep up with all the wild and crazy things Kanye was presenting in his ten-minute monologue.

Jimmy Kimmel explained that even with Donald Trump in the White House, he and his staff still have to write jokes for the show, at least until Kanye West dropped by to visit the president.

"Not only was this a crazy conversation for this White House, this is the kind of conversation that would typically be held between people wearing hospital bracelets," Kimmel said of the near ten-minute long monologue Kanye presented in the Oval Office on Thursday.

"Yeah, that’s the president of the United States sitting quietly while an irrational madman rants and raves at him," Kimmel said, showing footage of Trump nodding as Kanye went on and on and on. "Now he knows how we feel every morning when we wake up to him."

Kimmel kept playing different clips from the afternoon, and really Kanye said so many Kanye things that Kimmel was spoiled for choices here. And each one seemed to be more unhinged and unexpected than the last. "This ranting and raving, this is the kind of thing that happens on the subway in New York, not in the Oval Office," Kimmel joked after some of them.

"Watching this today, the only thing I could compare it to was Tom Hanks talking to Wilson the volleyball," Kimmel said. He then dubbed some of Kanye’s speech over footage from "Cast Away," and we have to admit, it worked pretty well. Was it cathartic for Kimmel that he kept in the scene where Hanks punts Wilson out of the cave, considering Wilson was Trump in this comparison?

"It’s like Trump was sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life," Kimmel joked.

In the end, though, Kimmel isn’t really sure what the point of all of this is. "What do these celebrities think they’re accomplishing with Trump?" he asked. "I mean, you go in, you take a picture, you talk, he agrees with whatever you and then immediately forgets all about it. The only thing he retains is how much you like him."

In West’s defense, though, his wife did manage to free a woman who’d been imprisoned for years for a non-violent drug offense after talking to Trump in that same office. Perhaps he should have come with specific requests, rather than suggestions on how to "Pimp My Ride" Air Force One.

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