The latest ‘Last Week with John Oliver’ show had some fabulous tidbits incorporated in referencing the latest news regarding ‘Stupid Watergate.’

John Oliver never holds back when it comes to sharing what he truly thinks on his HBO show Last Week with John Oliver. The past week had a lot to cover when it came to news on President Donald Trump’s White House and allegations of collusion with Russia, and Oliver successfully managed to boil it all down to a hilarious few moments of valuable information paired with snark.

The Guardian shares the clip of Last Week with John Oliver that highlights the moment where Olivier manages to tie Trump, Watergate, a raccoon, and bath salts into one tidy reference. As the late-night host notes, he has started calling the ongoing White House scandals “Stupid Watergate,” and he noted that Trump’s White House is similar to Nixon’s scandal with some creative caveats.

“We begin with the Trump administration’s ongoing scandals, which we’ve been calling Stupid Watergate, something with the potential gravity of Watergate if the entire White House was on bath salts and Nixon was a raccoon with his head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.”

Oliver mentioned the photo that went viral on social media that showed the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport with special counsel Prosecutor Robert Mueller at the same gate. He referenced the photo as he joked about how the investigators seemed to be closing in on the Trump team both literally and metaphorically, and then he shifted to the recent tapes and allegations coming from former Trump fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen.

The Last Week host joked that tapes don’t historically work out well for presidents, and he went on to explain more about the tape that came out with Cohen and Trump talking about the Karen McDougal situation. Oliver also talked about Cohen’s assertion that Trump knew about the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

“Breaking news: the president casually knew about the meeting that involved his son, his son-in-law, and his campaign manager discussing dirt about his greatest enemy, that took place where he lived and worked, in a building which has his f**king name on it.”

As The Hill details, Oliver even managed to work a Ronan Farrow reference into this opening clip and it looks like the segment was a big hit with viewers. Lawyer Rudy Giuliani has followed up Cohen’s allegations with some interesting spin and chances seem good that John Oliver will have plenty of new material related to “Stupid Watergate” and President Donald Trump for his next Last Week episode.

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