John Oliver Schools Sean Hannity Over 'Shittiest Conspiracy Theory Ever'

“Last Week Tonight” host marvels that Hannity proudly proclaims, “If you have more proof that this is not a witch hunt, OK, I don’t believe you.”

John Oliver fired off more shots at Sean Hannity Sunday night over what the HBO star described as the Fox News’ opinion host’s "shittiest conspiracy theory" yet.

As the Mueller investigation reached its one-year anniversary, the comedian shined a light on Fox News stars backing Trump’s claims that the whole thing is a "witch hunt" and a "deep state" conspiracy — a theory Oliver previously nicknamed "Stupid Watergate."

"They’ve been derisively referring to the Muller investigation as a ‘witch hunt,’ which is a little ironic because you just know that if [Rudy] Giuliani, Hannity and [Donald] Trump had been alive back when people were burning witches, they’d have had front row seats, toasting marshmallows," Oliver joked.

"It’s a strange claim considering that Mueller has, in the past year, charged 20 people and three companies and gathered five guilty pleas," the comedian pointed out. "So if this is a witch hunt, witches exist."

He paid particular attention to Hannity’s tactics, which have included an impressive amount of redirection, as spotlighted by his list of other people who’ve done bad things, so what about them?

"Hannity’s point there is that other people did bad things so Trump’s bad things don’t count," Oliver explained. "And let me be clear on this: Whether or not someone else did something shitty has no bearing over whether you did something shitty. If that were true, every movie that got a bad review could say, ‘What about "From Justin to Kelly"?’"

The Hannity comment that surprised Oliver the most was a clip where he said, "And by the way, if the media, if you have more proof that this is not a witch hunt, OK, I don’t believe you."

"Wow, think about that," Oliver said. "Give me facts, and even if you do, I won’t believe them. He’s basically bragging that he’s proof-proof, which is a superpower that no one should want to have."

The whole Deep State conspiracy theory leaves Oliver both confused and depressed. Confused because, "You seem to be implying Hillary Clinton sent someone into Trump Tower to offer her opponent dirt on herself. You know what? Congratulations, Sean Hannity, you’ve officially come up with the ‘Shittiest Conspiracy Theory Ever.’"

Depressed, though, because a clip of Trump supporters parroting what they’ve heard from Hannity and others on Fox News proves that it seems to be working. With public support for the Mueller Investigation declining, Oliver believes that Hannity and friends are undermining it for the sole purpose of getting public support behind shutting it down, so Trump can do just that before any potential impeachment talks emerge.

What Oliver maybe doesn’t realize is that by doing this, he may well become the next target himself, as Hannity proved with Jimmy Kimmel that he’s more than willing to get into a heated feud with a late-night comedian. Oh, who are we kidding. Of course Oliver knows this and we suspect he’d love for Hannity to respond.

And what the investigation really needs to keep people interested is a high-stakes feud between two notable television personalities. Oliver has expressed his interest. And while Hannity’s Twitter feed remains silent thus far, the ball is firmly in his court!

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