Jordana Brewster Holds Hands with Tech CEO Three Weeks After Filing for Divorce from Husband

"They have the utmost respect for each other," the source said. "They remain committed to lovingly co-parent their two children as a team."

Brewster and Form share sons Rowan, 4, and Julian, 6½ years old.

The couple tied the knot in May 2007 in a private ceremony on Nevis Island, two years after meeting on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, which Brewster starred in and Form produced.

“We started dating in secret — you know, hanging out in my trailer — because it would have been unprofessional otherwise,” Brewster told InStyle Weddings ahead of their wedding.

"But every day, Andrew wore these work boots to the set, and if I was lying down in the shot or there was equipment in the way, I’d look for his shoes. It was comfortable just to know he was nearby," she said at the time.

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