Joseph Gordon-Levitt calls out his "selfish" (500) Days of Summer character

Nearly 10 (!) years ago, teens, bloggers and brooding lovers everywhere were captivated by the indie favourite (500) Days of Summer.

But while it might have seemed a whimsical, realistic portrayal of modern romance, it was actually kind of a dangerous one, too – something Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reminding fans.

JGL hasn’t shied away from criticising his character in the film in the past, and he’s not afraid of doing it now either, after the actor recently told a fan that Tom was in fact “selfish”.

Responding to someone who said they hadn’t been able to forgive Zooey Deschanel’s character Summer for what she did in the film, Joseph advised them to “watch it again”.

“It’s mostly Tom’s fault. He’s projecting. He’s not listening. He’s selfish,” he wrote on Twitter. “Luckily he grows by the end.”

Fortunately, Gordon-Levitt – unlike Tom Hansen and his quest for love – is a reasonable guy, and he’s also more than happy to praise films when necessary.

Following a divisive response from long-time fans, JGL wrote an essay earlier this year in defence of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As you do.

“Leaving Luke unchanged would have been a huge missed opportunity,” he wrote in a Medium post, pointing out that events have moved forward decades for Luke.

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“This gives the filmmaker and the actor an extraordinary opportunity to tell a story about one of the most universal truths in human experience – getting older.”

“We all get older, and those of us who are lucky enough to survive our youth all face the joys, the terrors, the puzzles, the pitfalls, the surprises, and the inevitabilities that come along with doing so,” he mused.

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