Katie Price snaps selfies in French Alps after fans accuse her of photoshopping 'no filter' image

KATIE Price snapped selfies in the French Alps after fans accused her of photoshopping a 'no filter' image.

The 41-year-old is currently hitting the slopes with her reality TV camera crew in tow.

Katie was dressed in pink leggings and a matching polo neck jumper, with a puffy black coat on over the top.

Clutching her mobile phone and a bottle of water, Katie started snapping pictures of herself in front of the snowy landscape.

Her outing comes after she posted a selfie on Instagram in the same outfit, framing the shot close to her face.

She captioned it "No Filter", but many of her followers didn't agree, with fans claiming she looked "unrecognisable".

One follower wrote: "You’ve used photoshop though babe. Around the eye area.

“I’m not being judgmental. I’m saying the photo has been altered.

“I’m teaching my children to not be swept into all this lying about being perfect.

“This has been edited, it’s wrong to make out it hasn’t.”

Another was even more judgemental, writing: “Too much surgery. Totally filtered and yes prob photoshop. She thinks she’s 20, she really isn’t.”

A third added: "To say ‘no filter’ when there is clearly some sort of blurring/air brushing on the face just gives people with low confidence even more reason to feel conscious that they don’t feel/look this perfect!

“I have nothing against photoshop or even a filter! But don’t say ‘no filter’ when it’s clearly been edited.”

After snapping a few selfies, Katie was seen walking around the resort in the snow with a cameraman filming her.

At one point she picked up some skis, ready to hit the slopes.

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