‘Kin’ Star Myles Truitt: Zoe Kravitz Was Like A ‘Sister’ & ‘Mother’ To Me On Set

Myles Truitt is a rising star in Hollywood, and he’s the lead in the new movie, ‘Kin.’ The 16-year-old spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about Zoe Kravitz being a mentor to him, working with Dennis Quaid, and more!

Myles Truitt is ready to show the movie world what he’s made of in Kin, which is out in theaters now. Myles plays the lead character, Eli. While he’s had roles on Queen Sugar, Black Lightning, and Atlanta, Kin is his very first film. Myles is now 16, but he was only 14 years old when he made the movie. The action film follows Myles’ character and his troubled older brother as they go on the run from criminals while armed with a mysterious weapon.

Myles told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he was determined to be a part of the project and instantly connected to the character of Eli. However, they have their fair share of differences. “I don’t think Eli is as outgoing as I am in real life. I’m very charismatic with people,” he said. Myles co-stars alongside Dennis Quaid, Zoe Kravitz, James Franco, and Jack Reynor, and he admitted that he was “nervous about how we would connect on screen, and once I saw that [we connected] and how comfortable we were, I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Myles gushed over his co-star Zoe and revealed what he learned from her while filming Kin. “She always made me comfortable,” Myles told HollywoodLife. “She never made me feel uncomfortable. We always had a good vibe with each other and she was like a sister/mother to me on set. Just like Jack, we connected by going to lunch and different things like that. Some things I took from her was probably just focus and determination. You got to do what you got to do to make something look right on screen, and if it’s not then fix it and talk to the directors as well. She’s really cool.” He also connected with his Jack, who plays his onscreen brother, by going out to eat and playing video games.

Dennis plays Myles’ adoptive father in the film, and Myles explained why he loved working with the actor so much. “It was really cool because when I first met him I thought he would be more stern and really be trying to embody his character,” Myles said. “He’s just like a big kid on set. I loved working with him. We had a lot of things in common. We love different types of music. He loves rap, I love rap, and we just had a lot of funny moments on sets. I’m sure when the DVD comes out you’ll probably see bloopers of us messing around.”

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