Kristen Bell Explains ‘Medical Condition’ Behind Those Pool Gloves That Dax Shepard Called ‘Batshit Crazy’

Jimmy Kimmel even creates a fake pharmaceutical ad for the condition he names “pruney fingerphobia.”

Kristen Bell isn’t "batshit crazy" because she wears pool gloves, as her husband Dax Shepard previously told Jimmy Kimmel, she has a serious medical condition.

At least that’s what she called it on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday night when the ABC late-night host brought up the pool gloves that made headlines a few weeks ago. "Is it proper to call it a phobia?" Kimmel asked, referring to his guest’s repulsion to "the feeling of pruney fingers."

"I would call it a very serious medical, undiagnosed and yet to be discovered medical condition that tens of people in America might also suffer from," Bell told Kimmel. "When they’re wet, it’s like, I’ll puke. I will truly puke. I have a physical nausea."

The pool gloves, which Shepard shared on Instagram earlier this summer, were a gift from one of Bell’s friends because she hates the feeling of her wet hands against other surfaces, especially another person’s wet skin.

"If [my hands] were wet I could probably get away with touching cement, I could get away with touching my bathing suit or another piece of skin if it wasn’t ridgy, but Dax is always in the pool."

The real reason she needs the gloves though is to swim with her kids.

When we taught our kids to swim, the problem arises. Because when your children are in the pool, you need to grab them," she said. "Problem is my very serious medical condition makes me want to step back and I don’t want to grab my kid. And I’m like, ‘Well this can’t happen.’"

The solution was a pair of scuba gloves. When Shepard was on the show earlier this summer, he polled the audience to see if this was normal behavior. "Does anybody here wear pool gloves? No? See, she’s batshit crazy," he joked. "Apparently there’s a boutique pool glove place somewhere that she’s spending our money at."

Bell joked she’s on a mission to "remove the stigma of the maybe 10 people who also suffer from this."

"You’re not alone," she yelled out, but Kimmel was way ahead of her. He had his team create a fake pharmaceutical ad for those tens of people suffering "pruney fingerphobia."

"But there is hope — Pulgluvia," a calm narrator said in the fake ad, which was cracking Bell up as she watched. "With five protective fingers on each hand, Pulgluvia will protect you from the trauma of wrinkled fingers and get you back in the water again."

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