Kylie Jenner Claps Back at Rumor of Relationship Trouble with Travis Scott

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star claps back at Twitter user’s claim that Travis Scott moved out of her house Saturday night.

Kylie Jenner doesn’t usually get involved in clapback wars, but she couldn’t let the audacious claim of one Twitter user stand.

In a post late Saturday night, this person claimed that her father is a mover who often helps the Kardashian clan with their various moves. The user, who goes by the handle @lisabootylisa, wrote that her father "spilled the tea and told me that Travis Scott and Kylie split. He said they moved all of Travis’ shit out of her house," adding that Kylie shared tequila with him.

The Twitter account has since been deleted, but a Kylie fan page on Instagram captured the moment so it can live on in internet infamy forever, and that’s where the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star appears to have learned about it.

kylie and travis were seen in public together today. there’s a million reasons why they would be moving some of travis’s stuff out of her house. maybe moving stuff to their home they share together. and I doubt kylie was telling a mover in her house about her relationship over some of that tequila she gave him? no hate towards whoever tweeted this though. just sayin I think kylie and travis are going strong

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The fan page doubted the veracity of the claim themselves, captioning their post, "Kylie and Travis were seen in public together today … and I doubt Kylie was telling a mover in her house about her relationship over some of that tequila she gave him."

But then Kylie herself jumped into the fray to bash the initial claim, with a comment adding, "Obviously fake, shit was never moved. I never gave anyone tequila."

Turns out that maybe you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, and especially from Twitter accounts that hit and then vanish in a puff of 404 Error Page Not Found. But the tequila was a nice touch to add a hint of authenticity … or was that desperation?

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