The ‘Poker Face’ singer had to halt filming when she heard her pal, Sonja Durham, was losing her cancer battle.

Lady GaGa was full of emotion as she took on a performance scene for new movie musical A Star Is Born because she had just been with her dead friend.

The Poker Face star had to halt filming when she heard her pal, Sonja Durham, was losing her cancer battle – and she dashed from the set to be with her and her husband.

“We were supposed to shoot in, like, 30 minutes, and I left the set because her husband called me and I could hear her in the background and I just got in the car and drove,” the singer tells Entertainment Weekly. “I missed her by 15 minutes and she died.

“I literally laid with her, with her husband, and their dog, and his son…”.

Hours later, Gaga was back on set to complete the performance scene.

“When I came back, (director and co-star) Bradley (Cooper) was so gentle with me and we got through it,” she adds. “I performed the song. He was like, ‘You don’t have to do it again. It’s OK’. All I ever wanted to do was sing. I’ll never forget that day. It was really a special scene, and I’ll always remember that moment”.

Gaga publicly honoured Durham on her birthday in October (17) by dressing up and dancing in an Instagram video.

“After rollin around on the couch feeling sad with the help of some of my #grigiogirls and a very special someone I managed to dress up and feel better in a beautiful pink sequined dress generously gifted to me [email protected],” the pop star wrote.

“Sonja would want us to celebrate her Birthday. So we are. Dressed in Pink and handing out pink chocolate kisses for #breastcancerawareness”.

She also posted a photo of a black pearl necklace around her neck and added: “I wear some of @sonjad7777 Sonja’s ashes around my neck in a black pearl given to me by her husband & widower… My extended family @angiepontani, mother of my godchild Sissy and wife of @briannewmanny my buddy I’ve played jazz with in NY (New York) for over ten years told us she had a dream. That we could talk to Sonja through her pearls… And I will Sonja. I Will. Happy Birthday. I love you”.

Gaga also shared a video of herself and Durham together as she played the 2016 track Grigio Girls, which was inspired by her late friend.

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