Lil Pump banned from flying JetBlue after he refuses to wear a mask and claims Covid is a 'hoax'

LIL Pump has been banned from flying with JetBlue after he refused to wear a mask and claimed that Covid-19 is a "hoax."

In a now deleted video, 20-year-old rapper cursed out the airline after the incident.

TMZ shared the clip on Monday, which showed the rapper yelling: "F**k JetBlue! Fuck everyone that's working there!"

He continued: "All 20-2021, I ain't wearing no mask. I don't gotta to wear no f**king mask! B***h, corona is fake. Bye!"

A rep from JetBlue told TMZ that a customer on one of their flights from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles on Saturday became verbally abusive with crew members and took off his face mask mid-flight.

The rep added that the customer refused to put his mask on when asked.

The outlet reported that the airline called in to LAX to tell them to have cops on standby, as he was apparently unruly.

Despite JetBlue calling the cops, it doesn't appear that Lil Pump was arrested when the flight landed as LAX Airport Police told TMZ they have no record of an arrest or incident involving the rapper.

TMZ also obtained correspondence from the flight deck that day, in which the captain detailed exactly what the rapper was doing and what needed to happen when they arrived in L.A.

The captain initially said Lil Pump was noncompliant with their mask policy and later added that he was sneezing and coughing into a blanket without wearing his mask, while a number of JetBlue employees had to "firmly" deal with the rapper.

The last correspondence sent revealed that he finally obliged and put his mask on.

Lil Pump's actions and views regarding the coronavirus pandemic may not surprise some, as he has been outspoken about his support of Donald Trump in the past.

Back in November, the rapper slammed Trump's Democratic challengerJoe Biden in a pro-Trump Instagram video ahead of Election Day and proudly proclaimed: "F*** Sleepy Joe, Trump 2020 b****."

The musician, whose real name Gazzy Garcia, lost 300,000 followers after appearing at the US President's rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 2.

Before Lil Pump took to the stage at the Michigan event, Trump fumbled the introduction and mistakenly called him "Little Pimp."

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