Line of Duty's Martin Compston teases 'massive bombshells' in season six as team try to unmask the mysterious H

LINE of Duty's Martin Compston has teased "massive bombshells" in season six as they endeavour to unmask H.

Filming for the new series was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and the actor teased what what could happen when it returns.

The star appeared on BBC One's The One Show to talk about the popular drama and insisted the scripts are amazing.

When asked about whether there was a rumoured massive bombshell at the end of episode four, Martin, 36, teased: "Well there's a few before that as well…

"But just because I don't have script five, there's a big, big question at the end of [episode] four."

As fans patiently wait for the new batch of episodes, BBC have opted to air some Line Of Duty re-runs, which Martin admitted he has not watched.

He revealed: "Well no, because I have a fear of those woolly cardigans that Jed put me in for the first series. No, it's hard watching yourself back, and for me it's the fear…

"Because there was a big fear of going into such a high profile job, and doing a different accent and being up against these wonderful actors, so it would be hard to watch it back."

The Scot added: "But I have some great memories of it, I've never laughed so much on a job as I did on series one.

"We were a very close bunch very quickly and had some great nights out, but in terms of filming it's being about ten years now so it's been a long time."

Quizzed on the possibility of filming season six before Christmas, Martin joked: "Well, I'm in dire need of a haircut and I've also got a few lockdown pounds I need to lose before we get back.

"We've got a definite date that we're working towards but there's no point announcing it because the situation's so fluid, and it can change daily, so hopefully we can get it done before Xmas."

The actor believes changes will made to the studio in order for the show to operate in a covid-secure environment.

He explained: "I mean there's going to massive changes off camera just because of the protocols and the social distancing, how many people can be on set, no congregating, people off-camera wearing masks. It's going to be a completely different feel.

"In terms of the changes… we really wouldn't want to compromise the scripts, the scripts are so good, and people are so loyal to the show, there would be no point coming back if we're going to compromise quality."

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