Lisa Appleton goes topless as she washes in a stream beside her treehouse home

The 50-year-old wrapped a towel around her and headed to the picturesque stream.

Once there she splashed water on her face and massaged her bare chest.

After she'd cleaned herself she walked back to her house with her hair tied up and clothes in hand.

She hung them on the rungs of her ladder to dry while fishing rods were propped up against the trunk of the tree.

Earlier this month The Sun exclusively revealed Lisa has been forced to move into a treehouse after struggling to make ends meet.

After coming off benefits, the reality star turned down lucrative pay offers for webcam work and is now employed in sales.

The transition has been difficult, however, and after being forced to move out of her house when she struggled to pay rent, she’s now living in the basic wooden hut in a field.

Lisa is upbeat about her situation and told The Sun Online she was trying to stay positive about the future.

She explained: “I am staying in the treehouse because I can’t afford a deposit on a shared room in a house yet. It’s £5 a night and the farmer who owns the field is lovely and said I can stay for as long as I like.

“It’s basic but it’s a roof over my head. I’m trying to make it feel more homely by putting up pictures and nice things. I know it won’t be forever.”

The former Big Brother contestant was helped back into employment by a friend after falling on hard times and relying on benefits to get by.

She added: “I only came off benefits 18 months ago and started from scratch it's been a struggle!

“However my latest drama is showing how far I have come in bouncing back rather than giving up and signing on again and applying for crisis loans.

“I have made this move to build my life up again with big goals in site. I’ve got a steady job in sales and it’s going well.”

Lisa was offered work as a web-cam girl where she was promised good money.

But she turned it down and explained: “I know I'd make thousands but I can't bring myself to do it as it's not my niche and do not want to be known that.

“I'm worth more; my dream job would be to host my own TV show, also I love to inspire people to be fit and healthy.”

Lisa’s tree house, which is in Wolverhampton, has no running water or electricity.

She added: “I really have gone back to basics but I’m clean and presentable for work every day and have a disposable BBQ I can cook off.

“I’m back on the budget bangers for now mind.”

Although others in similar situations to Lisa may struggle with the conditions, Lisa said she refused to get down about it.

She said: "I'm not ashamed to admit that the past 18 months have been emotionally hard for me as I have lost my dad, my daughter and my dog emigrated to Canada.

“But I’m only 10 minutes away from work and I’m saving every penny I earn to get back into a house before winter sets in.

“I'm doing my best to start again from rock bottom and make it happen. I'm much stronger now than few years ago.”

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